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Afterglow Landing Page

A highlighted look at the Afterglow ski movie

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Web design and development


Sweetgrass Productions and Philips TV created a ski film experience unlike any other before. Filming primarily at night in remote parts of Alaska and BC, they lit up entire mountain ranges and filmed skiers in custom LED suits.

The Afterglow ski movie is an inspiring and innovative feat in the ski movie industry. However, this short film is very underrepresented on the web and does not have a site dedicated to promoting the project.

Afterglow is a pioneering creative project that deserves a strong web presence.

Web Development

In response to this problem, I created a custom landing page that tells the Afterglow story and excites and inspires viewers.

I designed a landing page that allows you to view the shorter cut of the film as well as the full-length feature that tells the story of the shoot in a way that is unique to the Afterglow experience butin line with the Sweetgrass Productions and Philips brands that created the film. Using HTML and CSS I created a site that transports you into the night of the shoot. Subtle parallax and JavaScript animations help communicate the anticipation and excitement of the film.