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All Every Thing Website

Seattle Central Creative Academy's 2015 Portshowlio Web Presence

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User research
Project management
Web development


All Every Thing is the title of this years’ Portshowlio™.  Portshowlio™ is the annual portfolio show for the Seattle Central Creative Academy’s graphic design and photography graduates. The show highlights the work of roughly 60 students with varying specialties and approaches for displaying their work.

The Portshowlio should highlight everyone's work in an individual and accessible way.


My approach to design is always to first consider the user. This website needs to serve multiple types of users (industry professionals, friends and family, and prospective students) and needs sign-off from multiple types of stakeholders (graphic designers, photographers, and faculty). This necessitated a deep understanding of the various user groups from the beginning of the project. I managed the user research and was responsible for maintaining the group’s focus on the user throughout the design and development process.

Starting with first-click user testing, surveys, and user interviews we constructed feature lists and began to build the information architecture of the site. We then developed HTML wireframes to get sign-off on the usability features of the site to the various stakeholders.



I managed a team of seven web designers and developers to create a visually engaging and user-focused web presence for the 2015 Portshowlio™. I managed the user research, design and development of a custom WordPress dashboard, web design, web development, and launch of the live Portshowlio™ website.

Using various tools including Slack and GitHub, we developed the site with an array of custom features and specialized templates for both the photographers and the graphic designers. I managed the multi-person development, version-control, and implementation of project management tools resulting in strong communication within the group and a smooth development process.


The site is a custom WordPress template developed using PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Multiple developers were involved in the creation of the site and I contributed heavily to developing pieces of the site. My primary contribution was building the graphic design student page using JavaScript to create a sticky sidebar so that project descriptions can follow the images to which they pertain.

Here you see the full homepage. Click to view the live site and explore the features such as custom templates, homepage masonry, custom photography gallery, and randomization throughout the site to offer equal exposure to each designer and photographer.