Central Co-op Rebrand

Rebrand of a Capitol Hill grocery cooperative

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Logo (shared with Seana Murphy)
Identity development (shared with Seana Murphy)
Identity collateral (shared with Seana Murphy)


Central Co-op is a Seattle food cooperative that has been the heartbeat of the Capitol Hill neighborhood for over 40 years. They have a rich history in the Seattle sustainable food community and wish to tell that stroy in their brand.

Central Co-op has a rich history in the Seattle area. The Co-op is located in a building that visually doesn’t represent the Co-op culture and would like to better tell their story through branding and environmental design.

The Central Co-op brand should reflect the rich history of this Capitol Hill grocery store.


We did extensive research on Central Co-op as well as the other players in their market. We then went through an in-depth process to define the brand and create visual assets that tell the story of the history and rooted nature of Central Co-op while being accessible and lasting far into the future.


We provide a member-owned co-op alternative to buying natural and organic food and household goods that positively impacts the Seattle community and the environment.


Informed | Engaging | Alternative


We believe that our community has a choice in where their food and household products come from. That’s why we provide a local, member-owned alternative to food and product buying.


Once we had defined the brand in this way we were able to start exploring the visual expression of the brand. We sketched and sketched and then sketched some more and then iterated on those sketches and finally found a solution that is a strong representation of the brand and is a logo that would last the test of time.

We were very inspired by the centrality and rooted nature of the co-op. Not only geographically but also because they take a very big part in the local Seattle community. They choose to give back in very real ways to their community and endeavor to source locally whenever possible. That concept evolved into a geometric representation of many parts creating a whole at the core of the community. Our logo solution is a modern and alternative take on the trusted idea of a quality seal.

In addition to the logo we built out a library of textures to be used throughout the branding. The strong, geometric logo is complimented by hand-touched textures created with a combination of watercolor and halved apples used as stamps. The style guide outlines the use of the logo, typefaces, and textures.


Once we established the logo and the style guide we were able to take the brand into some additional assets. We developed aprons, shopping bags, interior signage, delivery vans, and an environmental experience for the exterior of the building.


The final piece that we developed is the web presence. We brought the alternative and engaging nature of the Co-op into the web space by developing a homepage that feels fresh and exciting and that doesn’t adhere strictly to standard web conventions. Instead our site invites the user to explore and dive deeper into the experience of the Central Co-op.