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Nuu Coast Web Magazine

British Columbia's Aboriginal literary arts magazine

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My Role

Responsive web design and development in WordPress
Branding and logo design


Nuu Coast is an online literary magazine in in British Columbia focusing on highlighting and promoting the creative works of the First Nations people in BC.

BC’s Aboriginal community has a long tradition of creating beautiful artwork and sharing stories… Now there is a place to showcase that work. Nuu Coast showcases various types of work including poetry, short stories, and fine arts by First Nations and Aboriginal people and communities in southwestern British Columbia.

What if we had better access to Aboriginal art and literature?


I designed a logo that responded to the client’s need to be representative of the First Nation culture and history while communicating the curated, refined, and trusted nature of the First Nation communities in the past and today.

The wave and dorsal graphic mark responds to traditional First Nation artwork. Combined with the balanced serif typeface this creates a cohesive message of history and tradition brought into the modern era.

In order to make the responsive site more accessible and interesting to the reader I developed three logo iterations that are meant for display on desktop, tablet, and mobile respectively.



The web design is visually clean allowing for work to be displayed as the most prominent part of the site. Black, white, and shades of grey make up the majority of the color palette. The red-orange used for accents throughout the site is a subtle integration of a prominent color in First Nation artwork.

I created custom post types for the various types of content that the client will generate. A customized WordPress dashboard with post templates allows the client to continually add and change content while maintaining the visual style and formatting of the site. New content is automatically pulled to the homepage and the individual pages maintain a refined look and feel in easy-to read formats.

Pictured here are the homepage (left) and one of the article pages (right). Click to view the website.