Shoulder Season Survival Guide

As the lowland snow has started to fall in the northwest, I am more excited than usual. I feel as though the shoulder season is finally coming to a close.

Normally, we'd love the shoulder season. It's a time to get out and ride bikes in the rain and cold when a lot of people are bundled up inside watching football. But this time around, the mid-September discovery of a new trail and a pedal clipped on a rogue root literally snapped us out of the blissful summer we'd had of constant fun and started us on a recovery mission. 

With Pete's broken collarbone  threatening to puncture the skin, surgery was required. 8-12 weeks for recovery really isn't that bad. And at 6 weeks we were told he could ride a bike - it's just that he absolutely couldn't fall. We have erred on the side of completely healing the bone rather than risk a reset to our hibernation.

As we creep towards total recovery, we've been trying to get out where we can and have been exploring what it's like to enjoy weekends in the city, sailing, frequenting breweries, and moving up and down hills a little more slowly than we're used to. 

Oh, and a great way to manage cabin fever is to book as many bike and ski trips as possible and trick your friends into doing the same. 


Ticketed ✈️ 🚵