The Art of Be-ing

It's important to start by saying that we spent way more time searching for the van than the house. After months of exploring options, a meditative and rainy road ride up on Lopez Island seemed to clear the fog of decision-making and the pathway to an Astro van became clear. 

The name revealed itself before the Astro came home and it became clear that it is not about the vehicle (although Astros are f*cking cool) but rather about a spirit, a soul, a way of existing. BeVan, our 2005 Astro, has already delivered an epic summer of road trips with friends, family, and dog. He has gotten us thousands of miles and hours and hours up dirt roads into the remote BC wilderness. 

I've had fun exploring the brand of BeVan and am excited about the projects that this one is spinning off. I'm excited to keep playing - both outside, and with the artwork surrounding BeVan.

Galyn BunnellSeattle